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Grow your business using Google Adwords - with predictable results.


Guaranteed to get you leads, boost your sales, bring you new customers and grow your business.


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Guaranteed Leads and Business Growth

Highly Targetted PPC Adwords Keywords

Our team of experts will carry out custom SEO and keyword research audits that identify the best possible adwords keywords for a client’s website.


We do this at a local level, by your specific industry, your competition and your market - Giving you the scope to get a higher market penetration from the work that we do.


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Google Ranking Improvement and Optimisation

With our expertise, we will work tirelessly to ensure that you are ranking high within Google Adwords.

We give you the best possible opportunity to get leads, find more customers, and grow your business with Marketix.

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Traffic, Analytics & Business Intelligence

We monitor the traffic and analytics your campign is creating by the hour, giving us real time data on what's working and what's not working.

No-one else can deliver you this level of expertise, this is the difference between winning on Google Adwords and throwing your money away on a set and forget model. 

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