What is Keyword Research in 2024 - An Overview

In the world of search engine optimisation, there's a process that helps businesses speak the same language as their customers: keyword research. 


Think of it as a bridge. On one side, you have businesses offering products or services. On the other hand, potential customers search online. Keyword research connects the two.

What is Keyword Research

At its core, keyword research is about understanding what people type into search engines. It's like listening in on a conversation, picking up on what's important, and then joining in with something valuable to say.


Why does this matter? Because in today's crowded online space, it's not enough to just be visible. You need to be relevant. By using the right keywords, businesses are able to create content that answers questions, solves problems, and meets needs. It's a way to attract attention and build trust.


For businesses looking at the Australian market, there's an added layer. It's important to understand local trends, use familiar terms, and present prices in AUD. It's all about making things clear and relatable.

Moving forward in this overview, we'll explore the ins and outs of keyword research. And if you ever feel you need a guiding hand from an SEO agency, Marketix Digital is here to help, ensuring your online strategy hits the mark every time.


The Changing Landscape of Keyword Research


In the early days of online marketing, keyword research was straightforward. 


Businesses would find popular words and use them a lot in their content, hoping to get noticed by search engines.

But as time went on, search engines like Google became smarter.

The Changing Landscape of Keyword Research

In the early days of online marketing, keyword research was straightforward. 


Businesses would find popular words and use them a lot in their content, hoping to get noticed by search engines.


But as time went on, search engines like Google became smarter. 


They started to focus on the quality of content and how relevant it was to what people were searching for. This meant that businesses had to change their approach.


Now, keyword research is about understanding what people really want when they search. 


For example, if someone searches for "best running shoes," are they looking to buy a pair, or are they looking for reviews? By understanding this, businesses can create content that truly helps and attracts their audience.


With new technologies like voice search, this has become even more important. People are now asking full questions, and they expect clear answers.


For businesses in Australia, there's an added challenge. 


They need to make sure their content is relevant to the local audience. It’s not just about SEO for Tradies or ensuring Websites for Tradies are optimised, but also about using terms that Australians recognise and presenting prices in AUD.


As we go further into this overview, we'll look at how keyword research has evolved and how businesses can adapt.


Steps to Effective Keyword Research


Keyword research is a vital step in digital marketing, acting as a bridge between businesses and their online audience. 

It begins with identifying basic terms, known as seed keywords, that describe a business's offerings—like "running shoes" for a shoe retailer. To enhance this foundation, it's beneficial to study competitors, understanding which keywords they prioritise.

Steps to Effective Keyword Research

Tools such as SEMrush and Ahrefs can provide valuable insights into the keywords competitors are ranking for. 


Further refining can be achieved using dedicated keyword tools like Google's Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest, which offer data on search frequency and related terms. 

Importantly, it's essential to consider the reason behind a user's search, whether they're seeking information or intending to make a purchase, and tailor your content accordingly



After learning about keyword research tools and methods, it's time to test your knowledge. Take our SEO Keyword Research quiz and see how well you've understood the topic.


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Real-world Application


In digital marketing, seeing is often believing. 


Understanding keyword research is key, but real examples and expert advice make its value clear. 


We'll look at actual success stories that demonstrate the power of keyword research and hear from industry experts on its significance.

Real-world Application

Several businesses have faced challenges but emerged successful with the right strategies. Consider Kings of Neon, a neon sign company. They wanted to enhance their online presence but were hindered by strong competition and website issues. 


With Marketix Digital's intervention, they refined their website and targeted key terms, quickly rising to top search positions for terms like "Neon Signs." 


Similarly, Graham and Sons Plumbing, a leading plumbing company in Sydney, aimed to dominate local online searches in Sydney. 


Through strategic targeting of specific suburbs and optimising their website, they achieved top rankings and witnessed a remarkable 185% growth in online engagements within a year. 


Lastly, Lonely Kids Club, a clothing brand, initially struggled against larger competitors in online searches. However, with a focused keyword strategy and website enhancements from Marketix Digital, they not only secured top rankings for terms like "Cool Hoodies" but also experienced a significant boost in online sales.


Advanced Techniques & Emerging Trends in Keyword Research


Keyword research is adapting to new technologies and user habits.

With the rise of devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home, voice searches are becoming more common, leading to a shift towards longer, conversational keywords. Instead of short, typed phrases, users are now asking complete questions aloud, prompting businesses to consider more natural-sounding keywords. 


Additionally, advancements in artificial intelligence and machine learning are equipping tools to not just analyse current keyword trends but also predict future ones. 


This forward-thinking approach is helping businesses anticipate and prepare for upcoming shifts in online searches, ensuring they remain visible and relevant in an evolving digital space.


Industry-Specific Keyword Research


Every industry has its unique online search patterns, making tailored keyword research crucial. For instance, online shops, like those selling shoes or clothes, often zoom in on specific product names or types, and might highlight special deals to attract buyers.

Industry-Specific Keyword Research

On the other hand, healthcare providers, such as doctors or clinics, lean towards offering valuable information. They focus on terms that people use when seeking health advice, ensuring they're easily found by those nearby. 


Similarly, service-based businesses, whether it's a plumber or a marketing agency, aim to position themselves as problem solvers. They anticipate common issues people search for and showcase their solutions. In essence, understanding and adapting to industry-specific search habits ensures businesses connect effectively with their target audience.


Conclusion & Future Outlook


Keyword research is a continuous task in digital marketing. As people change how they search and new technologies emerge, businesses need to adjust. It's also important to keep up with updates from search engines like Google. 


But amidst all these changes, one thing remains constant: the aim to offer value to users. 


By understanding what users are looking for and staying updated with the latest trends, businesses can ensure they remain relevant and helpful to their audience.


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