Top 3 Google Ads Mistakes: May 2022

You’re probably here because you’re not getting traction with Google Ads, or you’ve had questionable results in the past – but you want to fix that in the future, and get better results, right?

We’ve been stuck into Google Ads since the advent of sliced bread, but it’s now 2022 and we’re still seeing these big mistakes, and worryingly – Even from purported Adwords “experts”.


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We’ve said it time and time again, if you run a business and you want to target customers who are actively searching for your product or service, customers that you can actually service within your area – You must use Google Search Ads to advertise your product or service.


Google Ads is excellent for this, in many cases it is even wiping out #1 SEO places for performance –


As of January 2020, The top 4 results on Google are now specifically reserved for Google Search Ads.


At either rate, we’re continuously seeing these Top 3 Google Ad Mistakes in the market – and it’s no surprise that you’re throwing money away.

Too Many Untargeted Keyword

It’s a massive problem and a common misconception to throw a whole bunch of keywords at something and expect great results; I see accounts that have been created using single campaigns, with single adgroups, loaded with 200+ keywords?? (we'll help you understand this below)

Remember… You’re getting charged for each single click. Whether the keyword is relevant and converts into a paying customer or not.

What do people expect is going to happen from stuffing a bunch of irrelevant keywords into a single adgroup and then serving a single ad “copy”?

It’s quite simple, it will waste money on irrelevant clicks that aren’t for an audience who will convert for you. Money gets wasted. No-one buys. Capiche?

That’s before we’ve even get into the Google Ads Quality Score factor, you need to have Single Keywords that are specific to Single Adgroups, with very specific Ad Copy that matches to the right page on your website.

In short, and if you can’t be bothered to read the linked article – Quality Score impacts the cost of each individual click you pay for; and over time, having a better Quality Score reduces the cost per click, and gives you a better position on the Google Ads Platform.

There’s obviously a whole lot more to it, but the key thing you need to take away is this: 

Research -> Relevancy -> Engagement -> Conversion.

Another example is a distinct lack of “long-tail” keywords, yeah, what is that?

An example of a long-tail keyword if you are a plumber could be “my tap’s leaking, what should I do?”, If you were a real estate agent it could be “what’s my house worth?”.

Get the picture? It’s a phrase that a real person would type asking a question or phrase into Google. It’s high-intent, it shows exactly what they’re trying to do – which means you could then deliver the following ad copy to these potential customers:

“Leaking Tap? Free Inspection, Call Phil Now”

“Looking for a Property Valuation? Free Home Valuation”

You could obviously take it a lot further and make a super enticing offer specific to their query, but hopefully you now get the picture. It’s effective.

Is it complex? Sure. 

Does it take time? Yes. 

Is it worth it?

A 50+% Click Through Rate with a reduction of Cost Per Click by 900% says: yes it is.

The short story is keywords need to be specific, and they need to be researched and picked carefully. The underlying ad account architecture needs to be aligned with your services and be relevant at every step of the way.

It’s technical work, and it is creative work – but ultimately, it’s about having a strong business sense of who you are, what you do, how to position yourself and who your target audience is.


Lack of Geographic and Demographic Targeting or Testing

Imagine setting up a Google Adwords campaign, you’re a business in Sydney and then you start getting clicks in India or the Philippines (this really happens), or let’s stuff that; what if it was in a complete different state and you only serviced Rockhampton in Queensland?


Now imagine that you’re a service that only home owners can use, or that you provide a service for parents and want to target only parents or only females yet you’re getting the complete opposite in clicks?


Guess what? You’ve paid for those clicks. 


You’ve paid for clicks to people that can’t buy, won’t buy and you can’t even get to them.


It happens all too often, and we see it time and time again.


Geographic targeting and demographic targeting can be complicated to setup for someone that doesn’t know the platform or what demographic or behavioural options are available within the Google Ads Platform inside-out.


We use both Geographic Targeting and Demographic/Behavioural targeting very successfully in Google Ads.


We can do really cool things with it, like targeting specific suburbs, putting say a 20km ring fence around a particular location or service area – we can also make sure particular suburbs are avoided and put into an “exclusion zone”.


We can target top 10% earners, home owners, renters, people that love skin care products and going to the spa, male/female, kids that are 6yo, and age of the consumer – the options are massive.


We could even target people that have a keen interest in real estate investment that aren’t looking for education and are ready to invest.


It would be foolish not to understand who you are targeting and be able to capitalise on that with your advertising strategy,


If you need help with this – feel free to reach out.

Unprofessional Results

Lastly, and because it frustrates us too – we see a lot of unfortunate businesses that have been burnt by using less than perfect Google Ads / Google Adwords providers.

They claim that they will get you results but aren’t even implementing some of the core features of Google Ads that we’ve discussed with you above.

These unfortunately businesses have hired some sweaty 20-year-old that call themselves a “Digital Strategist” with no real business experience, and expected results – it’s the real world, and it doesn’t work like that.

Going for a cheaper provider because they promise you world (and under-deliver) is doing you a massive diservice, and professional marketers are sick of it.

Marketix have real business experience, our consultants come from corporate and board management advisory backgrounds. We have advised local, national and multi-national companies on their Product Development, Product Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, International Expansion and Go To Market Strategies.

We’re Google Certified, and we know what we’re doing.

We’re here for the long run, and we’re here to help.

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