Modern Lead Generation Guide for Business!

You’re going to learn a lot about how to generate leads for your business from this one page, the top 5% of your industry are already doing this

Digest this information carefully, it’s going to transform your business, and make your customers come flocking to you!

You're going to learn:

·      Why it’s getting harder?

·      Beating the Competition!

·      Getting Customers Coming to You!

Sound good? Let's get started below!

Why's it getting harder?

I’ve spoken to thousands of business owners in Australia over the years, and when I speak to them, they tell me that it’s getting harder and harder to find new leads and customers for their businesses.

They’re frustrated, they’re awake at night wondering if they will be able to pay their bills on time, if they will be able to continue living the lifestyle that they wanted, or even in some extremely concerning cases - if their business will still be viable into the future.

Rest assured, you’re not alone, the world has changed dramatically for small business owners like yourself – The days of Yellow Pages are well and truly over, 98% of Australians use Google to find Products and Services when they want to make a purchase decision.

Customers are well informed more than they have ever been, and will spend more time researching your product or service before they either make a purchase decision with you, or with your competition.

Speaking of your competition, have you noticed how there seems to be more and more businesses offering exactly what you offer?! When will it end?

Your Competition are seemingly offering the same services, with lower prices, although granted, at a much lower quality than the work that you do? It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

What is the answer? Can you make this work in your favour?

100% You Can, Let me show you HOW with these Top Secrets!


Beating the Competition


Here’s where most businesses get it wrong, they can’t clearly articulate the value or outcome that they provide to their customers. 


When they can’t articulate the value or outcome – it becomes a price bidding war – that’s how your competitors are offering the same services for a lower cost, and taking away all of your customers in the process.


You don't want that, so let's fix it.


It’s easily resolved, but it needs a little thought, you need to focus on exactly what you offer your customers, that nobody else can:


Is it the quality of your service? Is it the workmanship of your service? Do you have exclusivity? Are you accredited?


What risks are your customers taking by going with a cheaper provider? Will it cost them more money in the long term? Is it dangerous for their health and well being? Could it cause harm to their families? Could it land them in legal trouble by not doing it correctly?


When you focus on the value and the outcome of your product or service, you are no longer selling on price, you are no longer a commodity, you are selling on the value and outcomes that your customer will gain by working with you!


Ultimately, its about reinforcing these values and outcomes with your customer – because without it, you are going back to providing frustrating estimates and quotes that lead no where for your business!



Getting Customers Flocking to YOU!


Like seagulls to a hot chip! How do you get customers that are actively looking for your service, in your area?


The answer is pretty straight forward, and the top 5% of businesses in your industry are already doing this, you might have seen it before, but not understood how you could do it yourself, and the key is by being at the top of Google.


Google processes over 40,000 individual searches, every single second, in Australia (on average) – that’s pretty crazy, right? Just think about that number for a moment.


Can you remember when you used Google to search for a product or service that you wanted? What was it? Which link did you click on, was it at the top of the search results, or did you go to page 4 of the results?


The top 5% of businesses in your industry are already embracing Google to be at the top of the page, because they know that’s what they have to do to win business, especially in the age of digital disruption, how so?


They’re using Google to get there, it’s no easy feat, that’s why there are highly-experienced Google Certified Professionals that do this day-in and day-out, just to help businesses like yours get these results.


The challenge for most small businesses is that it's complicated to do by yourself, it’s a complex bidding platform, for ads to show at the top of Google results;


You have to learn how to use the platform, you have to know the tricks and secrets, you have to learn how to compete and market yourself, you have to know what is effective, and how to control spend without it blowing out of control.


We fix that problem for our extremely happy customers, we provide a fully managed service that makes it super easy for our clients to acheieve great results.


Our clients don’t need to worry about Google, we set it up for you, we run it for you, and we continuously optimise it for you.


We are getting awesome results for our existing customers, because we’re genuinely good at it, and the proof is that we generate hundreds of leads for our clients, every single day.


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