SEO Gurus Are Annoying

SEO gurus are annoying and frustrating the hell outta me lately...


There! I've said it...


There's a plethora of "SEO gurus" out there, that quite frankly - most haven't got a clue...


You wanna know how I know?


I run an audit on their websites, and they're missing the basics (actually, I'm not that shocked anymore)...


They can't get the search engine optimisation basics right.


(I'm talking real 'SEO 101' school here, ya get me fam?).


So look, you don't need some snake oil 'guru' - (read: full of crap).


You only need to focus on 3 critical areas to do SEO well (and get the rankings and outcomes you so desire).


Strap on in, feel the rhythm, kiss my lucky egg - it's bobsled time...


1) On Page SEO


Cut the crap, your On-Page SEO should be priority Number 1 before you consider anything else at all.


If stuff's broken, fix it. Stat. 




Get all of your ducks in order (And I mean, all of your ducks, yeah?)


  • Page URL, Meta Titles + Descriptions
  • Meta Tags and Meta Descriptions
  • JSON Schema Mark Up Code (You want those bad boy structured snippets, surely?)
  • H1 +H2 Headings, through to H6 Headings (gimme some structure, yo!)
  • Great content, useful content (content that people would actually want to use, and would search for...)
  • Image ALTs + Image Descriptions
  • Keywords in appropriate places, not stuffing the crap out of your pages with keywords
  • Stop bloody overusing keywords!!! (Yeah, about that...)
  • Use an on-page SEO audit tool to make sure you've got green ticks if you don't know what you're doing.
  • Expertise. Authority. Trustworthiness. (100% - laser focus here).

  • Write for humans, not bots, crawlers, or machines.


2) Off Page SEO


Got your ducks in order now? You sure? 


Is everything passing 100% from an on-page perspective?


If so, good - give yourself a little pat on the back.


You're ready for Phase 2.


Now it's time to build some SEO authority with some real off-page fun.


  • You need to build links to your page and content, proper banging links
  • Find broken links
  • Guest post articles + blogs on high DA websites
  • Reach out to other industry websites / get an interview / podcast that shizzle
  • Share articles (carefully thought out content strategy)
  • Share public facing documents + presentations
  • Write testimonials for products/services you use
  • Reputable Online Directories (not spammy ones!)
  • Setup business social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc)


3) Technical SEO


Now you're ready to crank the amp to 11, this is the real fun stuff - and it's gonna make you a killer SEO strategist, and boost your overall SEO efforts.


  • Use a faster server / reduce server response times

  • Setup a SSL certificate (security certificate) on your website

  • Setup 301 redirects and use  correct URL canonicals on your pages

  • Enable GZIP compression on your server for images and text

  • Minify your CSS + JSS Code

  • Enable browser caching (.htaccess file)

  • Consider delivering your architecture statically via a framework like gatsbyjs (or similar technology)

  • Use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to help speed up your website and provide additional layers of security and redundancy


Just a few ideas to get you started, but these are just the SEO 101 Basics - make sure your 'SEO guru' is across them! ;)


If you follow every single step above, I promise you -


You will get results with Search Engine Optimisation for your website.


Wanna learn more? 


I wrote a comprehensive SEO Guide for Tradies here, but it's applicable to any industry. It's SEO.


The same concepts apply.


I also provide SEO services if you can't be bothered, and don't have the time.


*rolling drums*


You can use the links at the top of the page to get my attention (hint: contacts).