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We make Digital Marketing for your Small Business in Australia 

Easy, Painless and Powerful.

We're an Adwords Agency in Sydney and our services will get you leads, boost your sales, and get you new customers.

Leveraging our deep experience with Google Adwords, search engines, data and technology, we will grow your business - with predictable and guaranteed results.

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What We Do

Google Adwords Services that will Grow your Business

Get new leads today!

You're an Australian business, and you want to get and find more leads, increase your sales, find more customers, and grow your business.


Marketix get you, we're an Australian Adwords Agency in Sydney, and that's why we're here to help you grow your business.


Our Digital, Google Adwords and Search Engine Marketing services were developed to help Australian Businesses like yours succeed online. We looked at every part of the customer buying journey, with the core principle of helping your active customers, find you, in mind!


By working with us, our clients can focus on running beautiful businesses that serve their communities, instead of trying to navigate the complex and ever changing world of Digital Marketing and Google Adwords.

Why Choose Us

Guaranteed Leads and Business Growth


Targeted SEO + PPC

Our team of experts carry out Search Engine Optimisation and Highly Targeted Google Adwords PPC Research that identify new active paying customers for your business.

Google Adwords

Google Adwords

With our expertise, and Keyword Planning, 70% of all our clients’ targeted keywords got secured in the top 10 within just 6 months.


100% received hot leads within a week of campaign launch.

Marketing Analytics

Traffic & Analytics

Our main focus is not just adwords rankings, but also the overall search traffic and intention, across a broad range of keywords.


We effectively funnel new active customers for you, towards your business. Pretty cool, right?

Google Adwords Services for Small and Medium Businesses in Australia

Our Most Popular Google Adwords Services


SEO + PPC Paid Search consulting

We develop a successful SEO + Paid Search, Keyword Planner strategy specifically for your business, to help you stand out from the crowd and differentiate you.

Free Marketing Audit

Technical audit

Our technical audit eliminates any risk from a paid search perspective. We optimise the campaign to achieve results for you.

Email Marketing

Content marketing

We work together with our clients to come up with effective content strategies. With 11+ years of expert experience, we know what it takes.


Digital Strategy

Our digital marketing experts analyse every aspect of your requirements, SMB Marketing, Market Analysis, and make it a reality, with proven outcomes for your Business Growth.

SEO PPC Keyword Research

Keyword research

We diligently research for all keywords that are relevant to our client’s business, keyword planning and capturing the valuable long-tail results as well as short-tail.

SEO PPC Reporting and Analysis

Reporting & Analysis

We carefully study Google analytics data, Market Analysis and create comprehensive reports.

Check your Business performance now!

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Grow your Business Today

Digital Marketing Techniques Designed with Your Business in Mind

We know how hard it is to run a successful business, and that's why we guarantee that we will Get you New Leads, Boost your Sales, Bring you new Customers, and Help You to Grow your Business with Marketix.


Our team of Digital Marketing professionals and experts, develop and implement an individual plan for local Australian search engine marketing, campaign management and web presence promotion, tailored specifically to your business within a fully managed fixed cost packaged bundle.


Which means, you're not left with any nasty surprises, we charge you a fixed monthly fee which will remain the same, for the term of your contract with us, a Sydney Adwords Agency. Many of our customers now fully outsource their Digital Marketing requirements to Marketix, because they know we can deliver on what we say.


We're proven, we're reliable, we're experts at what we do, we're a proven digital marketing and adwords agency in Sydney, and we are here to help Australian Businesses like yours grow.


So what in the breeze are you waiting for?

Internal SEO Optimisation 82%
Website Error Fixing 95%
Google Adwords Campaigns 98%

Our Google Adwords Management Prices




per month ex. GST

Basic Adwords SEO + PPC

Consumer + Keyword research

Basic Website Audit

Fix Recommendations

Quarterly Reporting

Basic Keywords

Basic Account Management




per month ex. GST

Standard Adwords SEO + PPC

Consumer + Keyword research

Standard Website Audit

Fix Recommendations

Monthly Reporting

Standard Keywords

Standard Account Management




per month ex. GST

Higher-End Adwords SEO + PPC

Consumer + Keyword research

Advanced Web Presence Audit

Fix Recommendations

Monthly Reporting

Standard Keywords

Premium Account Management

Companies that Grow with Us

Our Clients

Grow your business today!
Why is Digital Marketing so important?
Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing

We are living in remarkable times - on the cusp of a massive transition period, the impact of which will be on par with that of the Industrial Revolution. Major technology forces are changing how we work and what we do, driving change on a scale seldom seen. It’s the Technology Revolution, and it’s creating rampant uncertainty and change.

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Marketing is extremely important for any business in 2019.


Over 98% of Internet users use search engines to find services and products. This presents a massive opportunity for businesses like yours to grow, and it's critical that small businesses are able to capture it today.


The internet has become a daily part of our lives. The consumer market has taken a paradigm shift in its uptake of technology. 


What's more, over 50% of search engine users in Australia are using their mobiles for finding products and services, we're also seeing a massive increase in voice searches - We can help you capture this audience, as well as standard desktop users.


Professional Digital Marketing ensures that your business has the necessary digital footprint to rank high in search results, and more importantly, get you results.


Without high rankings or online visibility, your business has very little chance of gaining new customers online.


It's a super competitive world out there! Not everyone is technologically certified, and that's fine, if you work with us - we'll remove all of the complexity for you and get you the results that you want and need, today!

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Marketix is a Sydney Google Adwords Agency that will get you leads, boost your sales, bring you new customers and optimise your advertising strategy.

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